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Are we poised is to see the third leg of the credit crunch crisis?

After the initial credit crunch hit the US and began to spread around the world there was a period when many observers believed concerns had been overdone and the markets and economies around the world would return to "normal". However, we then saw a second leg which impacted upon the worldwide financial sector, stock markets, government budgets and other vital elements of "everyday life". However, there are growing concerns that we could be poised to see the third leg of the credit crunch hit the worldwide economy!

Earlier this week we saw concerns appear regarding the Greek economy, which has struggled due to the downturn, with a massive increase in the Greek government budget deficit. There is also the ongoing situation in Dubai which, despite government claims that it is "under control", still has some way to go before it is totally resolved. As a consequence, there is growing fear in the money markets that more governments around the world will struggle to raise funds needed to see them through the short to medium term, a time when the worldwide economy and local economies should start to turn the corner.

The danger is that if economies are starved of potential financial investment in the short term we could see a sharp U-turn and a further lurch downwards. This could literally push the worldwide economy into a depression, never mind a recession!

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