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UK motor insurance premiums increase yet again

The AA insurance has today commented upon the state of the UK motor insurance market with a suggestion that the average comprehensive motor insurance policy is now costing in excess of £1000 a year. This is an increase of around 20% on the 2008 figure and is predominantly because of fraudulent claims and the damage caused by uninsured drivers in the UK.

All in all it is believed that UK motorists will face an additional £2.1 billion in insurance costs this year alone purely and simply because of these fraudulent claims and uninsured drivers. Despite the fact that the recession is still impacting upon many people around the UK, and indeed some people are considering downgrading or even cancelling their car insurance, the cost of insuring your vehicle continues to climb higher and higher.

In what is certain to become something of a vicious circle, a 20% increase in motor insurance premiums will almost certainly see more people taking the risk of driving uninsured which will yet again feed into the cost of insurance premiums in the future. Quite why perfectly legal and insured drivers have to pick up the bill for those who have decided not to take out insurance, which is illegal, continues to remain a mystery to many in the UK.

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