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Drivers lie over claims to insurance companies

Millions of British motorists would lie to insurance providers to avoid jeopardising their claim, a new survey suggests.The study by Moneysupermarket found that 2.5 million drivers in the UK would bend the truth to ensure they received a payout.When asked what they would do if they had failed to lock their car properly leading to it being stolen, 26 per cent of motorists said they would resist telling the truth until their conscience caught up with them.Only 18 per cent of motorists said they would give the full facts without being pressed, while 41 per cent would own up to their carelessness if asked. "It's extremely worrying that one in three drivers would actively attempt a cover-up if their carelessness led to a claim," Richard Mason, managing director of insurance at moneysupermarket, said."People may not see the omission of certain facts as fraud, but if these facts helped lead to the claim then that’s exactly what it is. "We would urge all drivers to tell the full truth; insurance fraud is a criminal offence and the overall consequences could be far more costly than the sums they are trying to salvage by being economical with the truth."Insurers are often seen as the bad guys, but there are two sides to any relationship and drivers need to own up to their mistakes," he added.It seems that the Welsh are most honest when it comes to revealing the truth, with a quarter saying they would have no problems admitting the true sequence of events.

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