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Northwest water issues water use warning letters

It has been revealed that United Utilities, the parent company of Northwest water, has today issued 90 warning letters to customers who are believed to be flaunting the hose pipe ban. It would appear that the company is acting upon information obtained by employees and from complaints by the public although it is unclear whether there is some kind of "big brother" situation materialising. Is it fair for members of the public to be reported for using water?

Over the last few years we have become accustomed to various water shortages up and down the country when on the surface it would appear that the climate in the UK has remained relatively stable. Many experts believe that there is a need for further investment into the repair of water pipes with literally thousands of gallons of water escaping each and every day. Despite the fact that water companies have invested significant amounts of money in this area there is still much work to be done and in the meantime it looks as though customers are paying the price.

The introduction of yet another "big brother is watching" scenario is not something which the UK public will appreciate and there will be calls for the UK government to clamp down on overt monitoring of the public.

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