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AXA rewards safe motorists

Financial giant AXA has revealed a new car insurance policy which will see those with eight or more years no claims bonus receiving a 90% discount on their premiums. This compares to the average discount of 65% on a maximum five-year no claims bonus and will obviously further benefit the vast majority of drivers in the UK who do not claim on their car insurance.

This comes at a time when the AA has confirmed that UK car insurance premiums will rise by between 10% and 15% in 2010 with the majority of the increase caused by uninsured drivers causing accidents on the road. It would appear that slowly but surely we are seeing a polarisation between safe drivers and dangerous (and uninsured drivers) with many other insurance companies certain to follow the lead set by AXA.

Car insurance premiums have been on an upward spiral for many years now with the cost of covering uninsured drivers taken on by the industry and then spread out amongst insured motorists. Whether or not this is a fair allocation of the added expense associated with uninsured drivers is debatable but it is a trend which began some time ago and has ultimately led to a massive increase in car insurance premiums for "no apparent reason".

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