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Is it time to review your car insurance?

If there is one area of the insurance market which continues to attract the wrath of UK consumers it has to be the car insurance sector. This is an area of the insurance market where premiums constantly seem to go higher and higher with legally insured drivers also paying the price, and the cost, of those who drive on the UK roads without insurance. So is it time to review your car insurance?

Many people do not realise but there is the potential to reduce your car insurance premiums simply by either increasing the excess or taking out an insurance policy which best suits your driving habits and your driving requirements. For example, if you drive less than 5,000 miles a year then you may well be able to have this written into your policy with reduced premiums. There are other areas which you can review which include the safe parking of your vehicle, the introduction of a car alarm and other similar measures which will reduce the risk to your insurance company and therefore, in theory, reduce your premiums.

Those who remain with the same insurance company year after year after year are potentially paying over the odds for what they actually require.

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