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12 Ways A Business Can Benefit From Credit Card Usage

What is one of the biggest challenges that a small business will face? At the very top of the list is "managing cashflow".

Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business, preferably with more coming in than going out. Unfortunately most businesses, no matter how strictly managed, will have to pay out occasionally. There are very good reasons why those purchases and payments should be made on the plastic.

Here are 12 good reasons you should be using a business credit card:

Track Expenses - If you use a credit card for your expenses then you can easily keep a paper trail and tally up. Never use cash for expenses if you can help it.

Keep Tax Records - As well as your personal business expenses, credit card statements make it easier to see what your business has paid for over the year.

Cashflow - A big problem for small businesses is larger concerns being slow to pay. A credit card can cover short term budget shortfalls which can be paid off when the invoices are settled.

Take Advantage of 0% - Many cards now will give you an interest free period. Transfer some business debt and get an additional year of Interest Free Financing

Instant Access - Banks often want you to fill out paper work and hang around waiting for a business loan but with a credit card you have instant access up to your credit limit.

Automatically Insure Purchases - The risk of being ripped off when a small business is always there, buying with a card allows a certain amount of insurance and the credit card company will fight your corner should the need arise.

Business Travel Insurance - On some cards if you make your travel arrangements with your credit card you get free business travel insurance.

Air Miles - Earn air miles as you pay for stuff that you would have bought anyway then take that conference trip you have been promising yourself with no guilt.

Isolate Accounts - Keep personal and business transactions isolated or even get a different card for each project to keep the filing nice and simple.

Freelance Pay - Many freelancers now use paypal. Use your credit card for online freelancer payments and you can instantly pay them on time even if your client doesn't. Fast payment grows loyalty and you need the best people to want to work with you.

Reduce Check Book Hassle - If you are constantly being asked to authorize payments for this and that, reduce the hassle by giving employees their own cards with low credit limits.

Credit Cards, when used wisely, are a brilliant business tool. This list only goes up to 12 but I am sure you can think of more great reasons to use our plastic pal in your company.

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