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Why saving just a pound a day is a start

If we were to say to you "Could you save a pound today?" the chances are you would laugh and say yes. However, if you're able to trim just one pound a day from your regular budget this equates to over £360 a year, although if you are able to trim two pounds a day from your budget this will equate to over £700 a year, etc, etc. Do you get the picture?

The problem which many people have with regards to saving and cutting back on their living expenses is the fact that they want to save hundreds of pounds tomorrow and often cannot see the bigger picture. Long-term savings can only be achieved by chipping away at your standard cost of living, your monthly budget and reining in luxury expenditure. There is no magic wand which can be waived to write off your thousands of pounds of debt but simply by saving even just one pound a day, and ensuring this money is put away out of reach, it is possible to make an impact upon your financial debt.

If you do not believe the potential impact of saving just one pound a day, two pound a day and so on, why not give it a try and see if you can catch the savings bug!

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