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Do you really need to be aggressive in the workplace?

The report we covered earlier from the Institute for Social and Economic Research, which claims that nice people are paid less than more aggressive people in the workplace, has opened something of a can of worms in relation to how aggressive you need to be to be successful in business. The study seems to suggest that those who are extrovert, looking for new experiences and ultimately aggressive are the ones who catch the eye of their employers, often leading to higher salaries.

However, in the workplace you need to consider whether you want to be a "career person" who will trample over everybody to get where you want to be or somebody who is comfortable in their position, with their experience and willing to work their way up slowly. There are arguments on both sides of the coin and ultimately it will depend upon your personality, your personal life and how much you want success. Careers such as banking and stockbroking are two such areas where an aggressive, yet well-informed, attitude can lead you on to bigger and better things as long as your aggression is channelled into the right areas.

In truth it really is a case of "horses for courses" because some employment positions require an understanding and gentle nature while others may require a more aggressive stance.

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