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UK Motorists Warned Of Fuel Price Rise

The AA has today confirmed that it expects UK fuel prices to increase over the next few months and break the previous record high of 121.61p a litre figure set in May this year. A five pence rise from the 117.7p a litre price at the moment would take the cost of fuel to new levels due to a mixture of increased demand, a rise in the oil price together with higher VAT payments coming in next year. All in all, it seems that yet again UK motorists are to be hit in the pocket at a time when few can afford the extra charge.

Welfare State Under Pressure

As the UK government has mentioned on numerous occasions, the inability of many people in the UK to take up full-time employment due to the benefits system will be rectified over the next four years. The government is set to announce £25 billion in welfare budget cuts with an emphasis on reducing dependence upon benefit payments and making employment, whether this is part-time or full-time, more attractive for every person in the UK.

UK Government Announces New Nuclear Power Facilities

The UK government has today confirmed plans for eight new nuclear facilities across the country but surprisingly these ventures will be taken on by the private sector. In what is a long-term cost reduction programme the UK government has announced that the new expanded nuclear program will be administered by the private sector and ultimately reduce any liabilities in the short term for taxpayers. However, will the long-term liabilities also disappear for UK taxpayers?

Fuel Poverty Has Doubled In Five Years

Fuel poverty in the UK, measured by the number of people who spend more than 10% of their monthly income on utility bills, has doubled in the UK over the last five years. This is a damning indictment of the current state of not only the UK utility sector but the UK benefits system. As you might expect, bulk of those affected by fuel poverty are in the older population bracket, the very people who have saved the years for their future only to see more and more of their nest eggs taken up by every day bills.

Clothing Prices Rise For First Time Since 1992

The price of clothing and footwear in the UK has increased for the first time since 1992 as we seemingly approached the end of the era of cheap goods from the Far East. A number of factors appear to have come into play including an increase in raw material prices and import costs in the UK, due to currency fluctuations. So is this really the end of the era of cheap goods?

OFT Warns Pensioners Of Scams

As we approach the winter period the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has today issued a warning to pensioners in the UK to be wary of scams from doorstep sellers. Even though canvassing on the doorstep is not illegal, and many legitimate businesses use this particular means of contact, there is no doubt that we have seen an increase in fraudsters and scams over the last few years. Anything from "broken tiles" to "gardening work" is used to gain the trust of pensioners in the UK and many have been fleeced of money for work which is often never completed.

CBI Calls For Greater Use Of Waste In Energy Production

As we covered earlier this week, a number of households in the South of England joined up to a scheme which effectively recycles sewage from their area into energy. While this particular scheme is something of a pilot at the moment there is no doubt that other energy companies in UK are showing interest in what could be a significant growth market for the UK in the future. As a consequence, in order to reduce long-term energy costs, the CBI has called for greater use of waste in the production of energy in the UK.

UK Gas Market Under Control

The authorities have today confirmed that while UK gas usage is expected to increase by 3.8% this year, the import of more liquefied natural gas should help to avoid the damaging supply issues which we saw last year. There is also a suggestion that more and more power stations are coming online and will be in a position to inject more supplies into the National Grid. So has the UK finally cracked the energy market?

Centrica Reveals New Recycled Energy Plan

In a rather bizarre development 200 households in Oxfordshire recently received biomethane gas from Centrica which has come from a rather than usual source. These are the first households in the UK to receive gas which has been produced from sewage flushed away in the area three weeks earlier. This must be the ultimate recycling system for household energy the world has ever seen!

Watchdog Calls For £60 Energy Bill Increased

The energy watchdog has today released a report suggesting that energy bills in the UK should increase by £60 per year to fund introduction the wind farms and other "green energy sources". It is believed that around £32 billion will be required over the next 20 years to upgrade and modernise the UK energy network and that UK consumers will need to pay the price. This comes just months after UK consumers have already seen their energy bills go through the roof while energy companies continue to report record profits.

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