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Should You Risk A Last-minute Holiday?

If there's one area of the UK household budget which appears to have avoided the cutbacks seen in many other areas of everyday life it is the annual holiday. It seems that more and more people in the UK are ready and willing to put aside their financial problems for their two weeks in the sun. However, should you risk a last-minute holiday and attempt to save some money?

Tesco Agrees To Pay Milk Farmers More Money

In a surprise move it has been revealed that Tesco will increase the amount of money paid to farmers in the UK regarding the supply of milk by 1.28 pence to 28.18 pence per litre. However, the new rate, which is well above the market average of 25.77 pence per litre, will only be available to companies who are part of a Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group. So what will this mean for UK consumers?

EU Regulations Could Undermine Maternity Leave

The European Union is on the verge of restructuring maternity leave in the UK which could see mothers receiving full pay for 20 weeks as opposed to 90% of their pay for six weeks and £125 a week for the next 33 weeks. It is believed that the changes could cost UK businesses around £2.5 billion a year and may well lead to a number of companies shunning the attractions and capabilities of young women in the UK.

Confidence Growing Amongst UK Manufacturers

If there is one thing for certain it is the uncertainty of the UK economy in the short to medium term with a report by the CBI suggesting that UK manufacturers are growing in confidence. The report shows that British manufacturers fully expect business to pick up over the next three months with a weaker pound and a strong export market the main catalyst for the confidence. However, this comes against a backdrop of a very difficult period for the UK economy which many sectors are already beginning to feel.

Ofcom Set To Hit Silent Nuisance Callers

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has this week received more powers from the UK government which will allow it to impose fines of up to £2 million on companies found guilty of the dreaded nuisance silent phone calls. Thousands of people in the UK have fallen victim to the nuisance silent phone call which is very often caused by marketing telephone machines which are able to ring a large amount of telephone numbers at one time and then answer the first to pick up the phone.

Sainsbury's Taken To Court In Packaging Row

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's is today facing court action by trading standards officers from Lincoln in relation to obscure environmental laws which limit the amount of packaging which can be used when manufacturing and selling goods. The company is accused of breaking 2003 regulations which dictate the amount of packaging which can be used as authorities around the UK look to reduce waste, rubbish and also assist the environment.

Are You Getting Value For Money From Your Landlord?

A report by the housing charity Shelter this week confirmed the difficulties facing those desperate to sign up to rented accommodation after falling foul of mortgage credit restrictions in the short-term. It is believed there are around 3.5 million rented properties in the UK, housing around 8 million people, making the rental market in the UK significant to say the least. So are you getting value for money from your landlord?

George Osborne Announces Further £4 Billion Benefit Cuts

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has released plans for a further £4 billion reduction in benefit payments in the UK amid protests from opposition parties and anti-poverty campaigns. This £4 billion reduction plan is on top of the previously announced £11 billion reduction in UK benefits and despite assertions that these benefit payment cuts will only impact those "not interested in finding employment" there is no doubt other areas of the UK population will be hit.

Do Budget Cuts Really Impact Low-income Families The Most?

While in many ways the coalition government is damned if it does and damned if it isn't with regards to taxation and budget cuts, there is growing concern that budget cuts already announced have impacted upon low-income families far more than those on higher incomes. In monetary terms the difference in income for those in low-income households may be only a fraction of those on higher incomes, but as a percentage of their overall income it does seem to be disproportionate.

William Morrison Concerned About UK Market

William Morrison, the UK's fourth-largest supermarket chain, has today revealed figures showing a 0.9% like for like growth in the second quarter of 2010 against 0.8% growth in the first quarter. However, these figures are at the bottom end of analyst's expectations and as a consequence the shares have fallen this morning. However, Morrison's have a number of ideas for the future to try and combat the expected reduction in consumer spending.

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