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Tree subsidence danger highlighted

Homeowners are being warned about the potential subsidence dangers caused by planting trees too close to their homes.According to Halifax Home Insurance, planting trees too close to homes accounts for the majority of subsidence claims dealt with by insurers.In extreme cases, subsidence can cause major structural damage to homes, however paying special attention to the trees and vegetation around a property can go a long way towards reducing the risk of a subsidence problem."When people plant trees they plant them as young saplings in the garden and obviously they are going to prove no problem whatsoever till after a good number of years," Neil Curling, spokesperson for Halifax Home Insurance said."Regardless of whether the present incumbents stay in the house long enough they have set in motion a chain of events which can lead to subsidence."People do plant trees too close to houses and they bring about the majority of subsidence insurance claims that we face," he added.Most people are insured for subsidence in their home insurance policy, even if they planted the offending tree themselves.

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