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Welcome to the insurance advice page. Here we will be able to provide you with all of the help and advice you need related to any questions you may have about an insurance policy. We have specialist insurance advisors waiting to help you. We also offer a range of useful guides designed to give you more information about insurance, which you can find below.

What is insurance?

Taking out insurance is essentially a way to manage various risks. An insurance policy lets you transfer the cost of any potential loss to an insurance company in return for you paying them a premium, monthly or annually.

Insurance companies can invest the money they receive from policyholders so their total funds will grow and they can then make payments to you if you need to make a claim.

Some types of insurance you are required to have either by law, or by the regulators involved in your specific situation. However most types of insurance are voluntary, meaning you must decide if it is worth your while to be covered


Why do you need insurance?

The question of whether you need insurance depends on two things primarily:

1. Are you required to hold the insurance policy either by law or by regulators?
2. Would you be able to cope financially with the costs of the loss if you are not covered by insurance?

Much of the time you will call on your personal attitude towards risk to determine whether or not you decide to take out an insurance policy. Is it worth insuring your pet? Do you feel you need travel insurance if you go on holiday? These are really simple decisions you make, and you live by the consequences.

However some types of insurance, such as life insurance, can be more complicated, and it may be wise to get professional advice as to whether or not it would be sensible to be covered.

Types of insurance

There are many types of insurance that you will come across at different stages of life. Each is designed to protect you and your dependents against financial loss. Different types of insurance operate in very different ways, so we have listed below some of the most common types.

- Car insurance
- Home insurance
- Life insurance
- Pet Insurance
- Travel Insurance
- Health/medical Insurance

Choosing the right insurance policy

Some insurance ‘products’ are much simpler than others, allowing you to easily apply for and take out the policy by yourself. However for more complicated policies you may need help and advice to steer you in the right direction.

The life insurance market is one example of this; there are many providers offering many different products, many of which look very similar on the face of it. This means mistakes can easily be made when buying a product, and this can lead to major problems when you come to make a claim.

It is also possible to make the mistake of buying two different insurance products that ‘overlap’ or are essentially doing the same thing. In this case you will be overpaying, and it may be difficult to realise your options without seeking advice.

Insurance help and advice for you

We deliver a service that is designed to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing or updating an insurance policy. We will give you accurate help and advice quickly, placing you in touch with the right people, and potentially saving you time and money.

We know the insurance market can be confusing, so our specialist insurance advisors can take you through your options, putting everything into plain English, making it a lot clearer for you.

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