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As our service has been created to offer you the guidance and help that you need, our customers always come first and we rely on feedback in order to improve our service to match your requirements and expectations.

This is a sample of some of that feedback.

Was our site easy to use? Was your question answered? Would you say our site is useful? Any other comments or suggestions for improvements to our site?
Yes, very. Yes thank you. Yes. It makes a refreshing change to find a website where one does not have spend a long time filling in details and getting nowhere.
It was brilliant to use and so easy Yes it was It was really use full and put my mind at ease You were so helpful and it doesn't need improveing
yes yes yes Felt the information and advice given to be of a very profesional nature. I am going to take up the advice given.
Yes.It was very easy to use. Yes.You gave me all the imformation I wanted to know. Yes I would,as I did not know who to ask for the information I wanted. No.
yes yes very useful not at the moment
yes thank you yes yes very none
Yes I came upon it quite by accident. I was searching for some help from Gov.offices. The advice given was helpful and I do appreciate your kind words. As a family we have had such troubles this year and a word or two of sympathy help to ease the pain. Yes -
yes yes yes -
Very easy to use My question was answered, and the response was quick..Thankyou Yes..Very useful -
Yes it was, and thank you for your helpful response. x Yes YesNo, N No its fine as it is
very easy Yes Very No
Yes Yes, very clearly and in quick time. Yes definately. -
yes yes very none
yes yes very no probs
Yes Yes Yes Perhaps say that the first response is free, but thereafter there has to be a charge (you can't buy food on 'thanks' after all!)
yes it was very easy to use. yes my question was answered and helped ease my mind even though i will speak to my company to check my policy more it realy put my mind at rest as it was over the weekend. In the light of all the news on pensions flying around at the moment ,having a site like this to visit when your company is unavailable is great for peace of mind. I found it very helpful and easy and would recommend it and use it myself again. -
yes very easy yes it was thankyou yes is it no nothing
Yes Yes, thank you very much. Definitely. -
very Yes it was, it a clear precise way. Thankyou Extremely, it is very difficult to get answers to what are probably simple questions without being battered by requests to "sign on the dotted line" -
Yes very As far as was possible yes no
very easy to use. yes yes reply was fast and very helpful.
Yes Yes very much so, thanks Yes -
Hi Thanks so much for your advice ill read the information on the site and come back to you kind regards Ron yes very not at this time but may well come back to you
Yes Yes Yes Really quick reply with very useful, thank you
yes not a problem yes it was although there was a delay but it was answered fully it was to me not really
very easy and simple to use yes very much so absolutely no i think the site runs perfect
Yes - Very User Friendly Yes, Thank You! A perfect response - to the point with no waffle and no hard sales pitch. I would deffinately trust this gentleman - the advise was what we suspected and we have already made preliminary enquiries as he suggested. Very Nor really, although I am left wondering how much free advice can one family get!
yes very easy Not directly but the gentleman gave me a very helpful website and even a direct phone number. Yes I would. I was very impressed. I wrote my question on a Sunday evening and got a call back on Monday morning at 9.30am.Paul was very friendly and very helpful
Excellent very speedy Yes Definitely -
Simplicity itself Yes thanks Extremely Not really
yes yes yes very helpful no thank you
yes , yes and thank you for your time, at least we know now what the options are . yes very . just to say thank you for getting back to me , some sites never both and you are waiting a for a reply that doesn't appear !
very easy. very quick reply. yes your advice is very helpful. we could be coming back for more specific advice. Yes. Well it was for us. -
very easy to use fully answered, thank you! yes, very usefull -
Yes Yes Yes No
Yes, very easy to use Perfectly. To the point. Yes, very -
yes yes, although my bank adviser imformed me that you should be able to take it at 57. most deffinately. no feel it is very good.
yes yes yes yes if you have skype , then you can talk face to face with inviduials , who have skype ... i like to see who iam talking to , not just some unknown voice down the phone ...
Yes Yes Yes No
Easy to use and knowledgable advisors. Yes Yes -
Yes...great and prompt reply... Thankyou Yes Yes -
Yes, very easy. Yes. Yes, very helpful and re-assuring I would, if possible, like to thank the person who replied to me. Their advice was very helpful and reassuring.
Best straight-to-point layout ever Yes Extremely, will be going back here and happily pay when looking for mortgage advisors None
yes yes to an extent given inheritance is a very complicated subject. yes, very useful -
Yes Answered quickly and an easy to understand response. Yes -
yes yes yes no
Yes Yes Yes No. You are already way better than other sites because you stay open until 8pm on a Saturday
- - - -
it was amazing and i was very suspicious about using it but happy that i did. thank you yes very useful could you not just have an email address for quick responses instead of so many details needing to be supplied by theuser
very easy as a pensioner with very little assets this site is a god send thanks lets hope you can keep it up yes very no keep it up
yes yes, clearly and succinctly very helpful no
- Would appear to be so - though no specifics were mentioned. Yes. Not at this point.
very yes yes none
Yes Yes on the basis of just one question - yes, very useful -
yes yes thnx yes not really
Yes, excellent. Mostly, yes. I was also given further information on the same point. Yes -
- Still pending Excellent -
Yes Yes Yes No
yes yes yes excellent
very easy and pleasant. Yes very have book marked it. No not really the follow up phone call was friendly and very help full Paul made sure I understood every thing.
Definately, very easy Yes, it was explained in terminology I understood. Also it gave me the opportunity to ask further questions Very useful, thank you -
yes with plenty of choice about loads of different sites to choose yes thank you very useful easier than booking appointments and travelling to such appointments ,thank you for the information ,will save on favorites now -
Yes Yes Yes No
- - - -
yes yes yes no
Yes Sort of Yes Not really
yes yes yes no
yes yes yes no
yes yes - well and clearly yes no
yes yes yes I have paid into a FSAVC for 25 years now and it is coming to the time when I have to do something with the pot. As a complete novice your site explained various aspects to me and will help me decide where to purchase my annuity. Thank you.
Yes, very clear and easy to use. Yes and very promptly. Yes -
Yes, very easy and understanding Yes Very useful , and would use it again No
yes yes yes No. Thanks for your help.
Yes Yes Never used it bedfore but it was in this case. Casnnot think of anything it was very straightforward.
yes not yet yes -
yes, but also raised a genuine question for me to discuss further/think about. yes and it provided me with a contact to talk to for more detailed information. Very usefull Having used the site in the past I am content with both ease of use and content.
Yes Yes. Response was quick and accurate. Very. -
Yes it was thank you. Yes and was followed up by calling the Financial Advisor. Definitely No this seemed adequate thank you.
yes yes yes no
Yes Question was answered promptly and was very useful. Absolutely. -
yes yes yes quick response and very helpful.
Yes Yes Yes -
Hello Advisors. Thank you so much for getting back to me. Although the answer was not in my favour (I did think as much, but gave luck a chance.) I shall definately use this site again. I found the response almost immediate. Thank you once again. I shall most certainly pass on this site to my friends. Yours sincerely. Mrs Penny Richards. My question was answered. Totally! No comment as I found this site brilliant.
it was easy,informative & fast 10 out of 10 yes great none,its good enough as it is
yes yes yes no
Yes extremely easy to use. Yes clearly and precisely. It was very helpful thank you, will definitely use again for some more advise. -
yes i found quite easy yes it was thankyou yes i will be useing you again because i have a few more questions i would like help with if thats ok
Yes very easy Yes Yes very useful -
very easy as I am not very computer literate my question was answered very well not too in depth but straight forward reply with no jargon. I had been wanting to get a quick answer for that question for awhile but too busy. Yes easy to use and very helpful -
it was very easy to use nice and clear yes very good advice yes excellent no as i say it was nice and clear
very easy to use yes i found it very usefull -
Yes - very easy when all the boxes are completed. Yes The site is very easy to use for a layperson. Perhaps a note that all boxes should be completed.
Yes I got a response within 30 minutes Yes - very -
easy enough for a technophobe...! More than adequately. Should the information given be erroneous... I'll get back to you in the future!!! Very. I was at a complete loss as to where I could get the answer to what was essentially a very simple question without having to pay megabucks and this site answered my prayer. My thanks to Clive for a swift straight-forward and succinct reply.
yes and with a quick response as best it could with imformaion given very no
Yes, I was surprised to find such a useful information source and a speedy reply was beyond all expectation. the basic question was answered however we intent to follow up more directly for additional advice. Very easy Our situation is a little complex and obviously I should have been more explicit providing more specific detail to assist with understanding the need for the enquiry and the provision of more information.
Very easy and quick to use Yes, it certainly was, thank you! In the long run, I'd say it has saved us from making a massive financial mistake. Just our sincere gratitiude for simply being available to the public!
Very easy, thanks. Well answered, thank you. I found it so. I was very pleased to get such a swift response. This was my second attempt with the site, however. About two weeks ago I tried the same question and got no response. Teething troubles perhaps? It is good to be able to get a rapid reply to a short question. I shall be following up with your Mrs Strickland. It is useful, when corresponding with a lady, to know her preferred title. This gives one the ability to be polite from the start. Thanks.
Yes, very easy to use. Yes, my question was answered very efficiently. It is very useful and I have already recommended to two of my colleagues. No.
Yes Partially, too much jargon though Very useful, breath of fresh air! Nope looks good. If the advisor was to answer the question in more layman terms it would be that much better.
Yes. User friendly. Yes. Yes No
Yes Yes Very useful No. With the reply I also have an option to enter another query or telephone the person who replied; which is very helpful and I may well need that!
Yes Yes Yes No
Very simple Answered and more, excellent advice. Very useful Just to say thank you for taking the time to answer my question and for the advice. I do not think there are improvements to be made.
yes yes yes very useful site. Answered my question fully with all the information needed. Would recommend it and will probably be using it again. thank you
Yes Yes Yes it has helped to reassure us in making a decision. None other than the requirement for a telephone number to submit your question. As we work shift patterns unwanted calls can be a problem so I prefer email contact from companies rather than having to put a telephone number. A possible improvement could be to have a chat forum where questions could be explored with direct answers. Many thanks
yes,very easy You could not answer my query as it wasnt something your office dealt with but your reply was very quick and If I should need your help in the future I would certainly get in touch. yes I think It coulb be very useful. Not at the moment but I will look again and also tell anyone else who might need advice to give it a try, thanks for your prompt reply.
Very More or less. Very Not really
Yes Yes Yes Very impressed with speed and quallity of response
Yes, the site was very easy to use and I have a message this morning left on my 'phone to ring back tomorrow, which I will do. Many, many thanks. Linda I'm hoping it will be when I speak to your advisor tomorrow Very No, your site appears to have all the answers
yes yes yes -
yes it was there was a lot of other usefull information on the site regarding my question yes and very quick response yes none at the moment but I will be in contact
yes yes. thank you very much yes no
yes yes very well yes no
Absolutely straightforward. Sadly, not really answered fully, as the question regarding the PPI was ignored. Yes indeed. You are providing an invaluable service.... restores ones faith in human nature! No improvements necessary.
Very useful Yes very quickly Yes No
Very No Yes Perhaps an opportunity to ask a supplementary question
- yes fully and much appreciated thank you very much so. it saves all the hassle of putting on an appointment with a financial advisor, not just that you get a reply within a short period of time. excellant can't think of any
yes yes very useful none
yes, very easy. it was, THANKYOU VERY MUCH. very usefull. no, i found it simple to use, quick to reply and very informative.
yes yes yes not at the moment
yes very good yes yes no
Yes Yes Very None come to mind
- yes very usefull no
yes, very easy. and extremely helpful. thanks yes . very useful i cant think of any improvements.
Yes Yes Yes No
simple and quick..solution found by your recommendation, thank you yes yes i would. i think you should, (most similar sites, particularly US, hit you with a high price then a reduced price a couple of days later, when you refused the first bait) find a more simple way of advertising your services and not be too reliant on google intro. not kicking goodle but there is a great big world out there that would be greatful for a genuine service like your own. good luck anyway and the way, the eventual answer to my query on extra benefit when you reach the age of 80,which i do in weeks rather than years is +25p per week. you probably know the trouble i have wondering what to do with it!!!!! do i deserve this? best of luck anyway.cheers.
Very easy Yes, thankyou Yes very -
yes yes yes no
Very easy - fast - and good response to my question. Yes. short , snappy, and to the point. Yes. Glad i found it! Will use again. -
Yes. Fully-thankyou.Your response cofirms my thoughts and I shall avoid this devious sell. Yes. No all quite easy to follow.
yes yes yes no
Yes Yes Very Not at the moment
yes very informative yes yes no
- yes yes -
Very easy Yes but I dont know if I pyt the question correctly Very Not at this time
Very easy! Yes Very much so. None.

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