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Am I at risk from identity theft?

Over the last few years the threat of ID theft in the UK and around the world has increased dramatically with more and more people now on the radar of the fraudsters and scammers. However, the vast majority of people who may be at risk from identity theft are still unaware of problems which may await them in the future. So are you at risk of identity theft?

There is no doubt that the introduction of the Internet to many homes and businesses around the world has increased the potential market for identity theft. Each of us is just a click away from a potentially fraudulent e-mail or fraudulent contact via a website. We all need to be aware of the risks, retain control of our confidential information and ensure that we do not give information to unknown third parties.

Many of the scams appearing at the moment are financial offers and financial advice which are literally too good to be true. If you have not requested any financial advice or neither inquired about a financial product then why would you entertain anybody who cold calls you? There is no doubt that the fraudsters have taken advantage of the economic situation to maximise their potential victim base.

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