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Bank of China makes play for UK mortgage market

The Bank of China has this week made a play for the UK mortgage market by increasing its loan-to-value ratio from 75% to 80% on residential mortgages. The rate on buy to let mortgages has been increased from 65% to 75% and for commercial mortgages from 65% to 70%. While the Bank of China may not be the most recognised name in the UK mortgage market it does offer a number of mortgage instruments with rates ranging from 2.8% on the residential side to 3.88% from the buy to let division and 4% on commercial mortgages.

It is interesting to see that the Bank of China believes the UK market has value at the current level and is willing to take more of a risk to attract new business. Whether this will impact upon the overall market in the current economic melee remains to be seen but it is certainly a positive move by one of the strongest banks in the world.

The Bank of China operates in the UK through direct sales to the UK population as well as through a network of financial advisers and brokers. Many brokers have been complaining about a lack of competition in the UK mortgage market and will be happy to see movement in this particular area.

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