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Will UK property ever be as popular again?

At the height of the boom time for the UK property market it seemed that nobody could lose money and conversely at the bottom of the UK property market it seems that nobody can make money. Investor sentiment is very often based upon short-term trends and many investors can become blinkered with regards to the potential long-term prospects for the UK property market. So will UK property ever be back in vogue?

Without doubt the UK property market, along with other investment markets, will eventually show signs of recovery and investors will soon forget the difficult times we have experienced over the last three years. However, the length of time between the top and bottom of the current economic cycle will be longer than that seen for nearly 100 years and as such investors may take some persuading when the economy finally does recover.

If you look back in time it soon becomes evident that the most successful investors are those who can keep a long-term outlook despite difficult short-term situations. These are the investors who are not scared to make mistakes in the short term but who believe in their long-term strategies and are prepared to "put their money where their mouths are".

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