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How Many Hours Do You Work for a New TV?

There are probably not one or two ideas that will bring large savings on expenditure but by a combination of smaller cash saving ideas where significant overall savings can be made on month by month expenses.

One excellent way to avoid unnecessary spending is to carefully consider each expense before taking the plunge. Often people will just consider how much they "need" a plasma TV or a weekend away and that is enough to convince them that they can not live without it.

Often it is just a matter of looking at the prospect of spending money from a different angle. A far better way to approach spending is by how much an item costs, not in cash but in time. Most people don't have enough time in their lives so the amount of time they spend working is a significant part of that life. If you consider that a new plasma TV will cost you 350 hours of work it sounds like a long time, a lot of work. The question to ask yourself should be is the new TV worth 44 full working days of your life?

Another simple idea is to wait, its not that complicated, when considering a purchase wait at least 3 days before you buy, do not buy on impulse, impulse buying is often regretted or more often just wasted cash. Impulse buying is a retail sector dream - and we all do it!

Use those three days to perform searches on the Internet for reviews, opinions of other users and comparative product pricing. Finally, if you opt to buy, check online to see if you can find it at a more competitive price.

As competition increases in the online retail market prices have fallen and while we would all like to buy the expensive designer named brands, there are often cheaper alternatives which will do the same job, without pushing you into serious debt.

Carefully consider if it is really worth it to buy things you can borrow and do not need to use often, such as certain types of tools. If you can borrow or hire an item that is not going to get much use it is better than it sitting on a shelf for two years waiting to be used again.

Try to cut down on the small daily expenses: breakfast away from home, the newspaper, coffee at work, lottery, a magazine and a few drinks can pose, as a whole, the biggest expense that you can save on. If you think that small items don't matter, and that they are just your little luxuries, consider the cost of your daily newspaper with your coffee at work. Even if you save just £2.50 a day, by cutting out your daily coffee and newspaper, times this by 5 days and then by times 52 weeks and you can save yourself a massive £650 per year.

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