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Small Savings are Big Savings

There are a multitude of ways to make small savings that over the course of the month can add up to significant amounts. These small savings can in many cases literally be the difference between slipping further into debt and slowly digging yourself out of a financial crisis.

Here are a few very simple ideas for saving small amounts of cash that can accumulate into considerable savings:-

When in a supermarket look at the upper and lower shelves, usually the most expensive items are placed right in front of our eyes as we shop. Read the labels and compare the price per kilo of bulk and packaged items, not the cost per packet.

Pay close attention to the expiry date of food in the supermarket as products at the front are the first to expire and they may go off before you eat them. Don't be afraid to take advantage of special offers, promotions and sales as you may want to make bulk purchases of items that last a long time.

Even though we are looking to save money, life is still for living and we all need something to look forward to. However you can change the way you spend your leisure cash and still have fun. You can save a lot of money, thanks to the Internet, with legal downloads of music, movies, audio books and so on and there are also many "free stuff" websites that have all kinds of free goods and offers.

If you enjoy reading why not go to the library in your neighbourhood, exchange books with your friends or buy used books - there is no need to spend a fortune on new publications. If you still spend money on magazines and newspapers why not check out online blogs as an alternative - they are the future of magazines, published earlier than in any other medium, and they are far cheaper or often free.

Rediscovering some old hobbies is a good way to save cash, cycling doesn't cost very much but can give endless hours of enjoyment with the family and keep you fit. Other historically popular pastimes such as walking, swimming and playing football for example can also be a cheap way to enjoy your free time.

Saving cash can actually open up so many opportunities for enjoyment that seem to have passed us by in the modern age. Consider getting involved with all kinds of local activities that you may find interesting and enjoyable because many of us are in the habit of sitting in front of the TV without even thinking about it!

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